Boy Almost Hit In Face With Bat Because He Was Too Busy Staring At His Phone

Smartphones are great, we get it. For starters they're incredibly distracting, which can also be great, unless of course there's a giant baseball bat flying towards your head.

Funnily enough a boy found himself in that exact position just a few days ago after becoming wholly engrossed in his phone at a baseball game between the Pittsburgh Pirates and the Atlanta Braves.

Thankfully for this young millennial an eagle-eyed adult was on hand to offer a sacrificial arm, which he placed directly in the path of the incoming missile.

The astonishing photos were captured by Christopher Horner, a sports photojournalist for the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

Now we think it's probably fair to say that it's unlikely that boy will be finding himself overly distracted at a sports game anytime soon.

Joining an illustrious group of us (we've all done it) that have found our phones to be more engaging than real-life the kid is arguably one of the luckiest.

A sign of the times. #canon_photos

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At least he can be thankful that he didn't do anything worse, like fall into a lake...

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