09/03/2016 07:33 GMT | Updated 09/03/2016 07:59 GMT

Hilton Unveil A Robot Concierge That's Powered By IBM's Watson Supercomputer

Meet 'Connie', it's the result of a partnership between Hilton Hotels and the IBM Watson supercomputer team to create the world's first artificially intelligent robot concierge.

connie ibm

Connie isn't your average AI-powered robot. For starters it's not secretly trying to overthrow humanity (we think) and secondly just look at it, how could anything as cute as that try and enslave the human race.


What makes Connie special though is its ability to employ something called machine learning. Every time you ask Connie a question about nearby shops, the restaurants or even where the gym facilities are it'll learn to answer that question better next time.

Using Watson's processing power as the brains Connie is then able to listen to questions, and then respond in natural language format which essentially means it'll talk to you as though it is a human being as well.


Connie's body is in fact a NAO robot built by Softbank Robotics. The company has been investing heavily in the arena of customer-facing robots and already has some of its models working in banks, shops and airports.

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