Sisters Keep Themselves Busy By Forming Two-Piece Band (And It's Adorable)


Finding a way to keep your children entertained without your involvement isn't always an easy task.

But these two young sisters have found an ideal way to stay occupied (although it does involve a bit of noise).

The girls, aged nine and three, decided to form their own two-piece band and put on their first performance in front of the camera.

"I'm going to sing holy spirit, which is my sister's favourite song," the eldest sibling says to camera.

"My sister is going to play guitar - we're doing a fake little sister band thing that's not even perfect or nothing."

Things get off to a slightly messy start as the older sister has to keep reminding the three-year-old she should not be singing - but she can't resist joining in for a few notes with a cheeky smile.

In fact, it's her facial expressions that make the video so brilliant.

Watch the video above to see the whole performance.

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