Lammily Creators Launch 'Normal Ken' Male Doll To Show Boys 'Real Is Beautiful'

Two years ago artist Nickolay Lamm launched the Lammily doll - a toy dubbed "normal Barbie" created with the body proportions of the average 19-year-old American girl.

Now, "normal Barbie" is set to meet "normal Ken".

Lamm and his team have created a prototype for a male version of the Lammily doll to counteract the body image pressures young men feel.

Unlike Ken, the male Lammily doll does not feature a chiseled six pack or bulging biceps. Instead, he represents the average 19-year-old male.

"I feel men also feel pressure in the form of not being tall, not having enough hair, not having enough muscle, etc.," Lamm told The Huffington Post.

"I think those are things which few talk about because, as a guy, you're kind of expected not to worry too much about your appearance and because women face beauty standards on another level."

In the video above, Lamm opens up about his own body image struggles as a young man.

"Back in high school I decided I really wanted a six pack, so I thought to myself, 'if I just lose enough weight, then I'll get those chiseled abs,'" he says.

"I exercised myself to exhaustion and got so skinny that I didn't recognise myself anymore.

"I know I'm not the only man who's had this type of experience."

According to Lamm, making a male version of Lammily was "the next logical step" in combating unrealistic beauty standards.

He and his team have created the prototype of the male doll, but they're now crowdfunding to raise money for the large scale manufacturing of the product so it can become available to boys and girls around the world.

"I've seen how one movement can influence the entire toy industry," Lamm says.

"This time, let's show boys that real is beautiful."

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Meet Lammily, The Normal-Size Doll