What To Do With The Kids This Easter (If You Forgot To Book Activities)

What To Do With The Kids This Easter (If You Forgot To Book Activities)

It's not that you forgot Easter was happening - how could you, what with shopping for chocolate eggs and preparing the roast lamb - it's just that until this moment the reality of the kids' boredom levels after a week of school holidays hadn't dawned on you.

But when they're looking up at you with expectant eyes, waiting to hear what exciting plans you've got up your sleeve, don't panic. We've rounded up lots of fun ideas for activities to keep the whole family happy.

1. Make confetti eggs.

These unassuming glitter bombs are far more fun than your standard decorated eggs. A word of caution, you may want to do this outside or put newspaper down first – it will get messy.

2. Make hatching chick deviled eggs - that are almost too cute to eat.

3. Create a new tradition.

"[Making Easter decorations has become] a tradition with my family every year and it gives the children something to look forward to.

"One of my particular favourites is to place a thick base of straw in a gleaming vase, then fill with bright, multi-coloured eggs. For a stunning spring time feel, I also like to put different-sized vases in clusters around my home.

"Another tradition I like to do at Easter is to source some un-bloomed cherry blossom from my garden (or from the local florist!, place in a tall vase and as the blossom comes into bloom, I hang delicate painted eggs from them with brightly coloured ribbons.

"This is a lovely tradition to have with children, they get involved and so excited when the flowers start to push through!"

4. Have an Easter egg hunt.

Watch the video below for seven great tips for making your hunt eggstra fun (sorry).

5. Bake an Easter dessert.

Easter eggs are all well and good, but they won't keep your kids busy for long. These chocolaty desserts on the other hand - We have some delicious recipes from Josh Eggleton, Frances Atkins, Nathan Outlaw and Marcus Wareing.

6. Children who were fans of the Great British Sewing Bee will love making Easter chicks from fabric scraps.

7. Teach the kids the 'real' story of Easter.

8. Make bunny masks.

9. Let them be bored.

They'll thank you for it one day, honestly. As Dr Teresa Belton, HuffPost UK blogger and visiting fellow at the University of East Anglia explains:

"Boredom as a child is something that Meera Syal now appreciates as an important wellspring of her creativity - boredom made her write. She kept a diary from a young age, filling it with observations, short stories, poems, and diatribe. And she attributes these early beginnings to becoming a writer in later life. 'Enforced solitude alone with a blank page is a wonderful spur', she said.

"Recollections such as these can help us to realise that periods of 'having nothing to do' may be required for the development of a capacity to generate and pursue ideas.

"To be creative we need time for thought, free of the bombardment of attention-grabbing external stimuli to the eye and ear."