Newcastle Woman Photographed Relieving Herself In The Tyne

A photo of a woman relieving herself into the River Tyne in broad daylight went viral after being posted on Facebook over the weekend.

Arijus Dukstas uploaded the picture on Sunday with the caption: "Happy Easter from Newcastle Upon Tyne."

To date the photo has been 'liked' 1,500 times, shared more than 700 times and had more than 600 comments, many expressing their disgust at the image, saying it is "giving Newcastle a bad name".

The photo had been originally posted on Twitter by James Quinn

Elaine Warwick was one of many users who wanted to "name and shame" the woman and Paul Skinner reminded people there is a £5,000 fine for polluting the Tyne (but others were quick to quip that worse had been in the river).

Some expressed concern for the woman. Gillian Wood said: “I see loads of men peeing in doorways on a night out in Newcastle. She has clearly had too much to drink, I don’t suppose anyone had a word with her, just took her photo and stuck it on social media!”

Andrea Gates had similar concerns asking, "where are her mates?" Many others wondered how she didn't fall through the railings.

However some Facebook users seemed to think it's a normal occurrence in Newcastle.

Dean Rico said: "She is not last one or only one, 90% have done same in one point after drunken night, nothing new in night out in Newcastle." Ruth Flaggstaff said it was "standard" in Newcastle.

Thomas Ellison joked that this was the reason that the Tyne smelled so bad.

A number of people even commented that they or their friends have done the same thing. Teresa Kelly said that in Newcastle "WE PISS WHERE WE WANT!!"

But others questioned if she was a Geordie and said she should be "ashamed" for bringing “disrepute” to the city.

Despite the outrage, many people have been able to see the funny side with user James Liddell saying he thought she took "Log on the Tyne" too seriously.

The woman has yet to be identified but we think she must feel pretty crappy that this embarrassing moment has spread so far.

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