What Causes Cancer? Interactive Chart Shows How Your Lifestyle Could Boost Cancer Risk

If you're worried that the amount of red meat you consume or the lack of exercise you get is affecting your health, read on.

Researchers have created an interactive body map, first published by The Conversation, showing how cancer risk correlates with certain lifestyle choices.

People are encouraged to select a lifestyle choice in the left-hand column, the chart then tells them which area of the body it affects and what kind of cancer it can cause.

The map pulls together scientific evidence from an array of scientific sources in order to link cancer risk to various lifestyle factors. Some of which include alcohol use, sun exposure and eating red meat.

The aim of the map is to encourage people to avoid the factors that could be increasing their risk in a bid to prevent cancer.

Authors note that it's important to bear in mind that every body and circumstance is unique.

"One risk factor cannot be considered in isolation when applied to a real life context," they said.


Emil Jeyaratnam, Multimedia Editor, The Conversation

Sasha Petrova, Researcher, Health and Medicine, The Conversation

This article was originally published on The Conversation. Read the original article here.

Lifestyle Risk Factors For Cancer