'Big Brother' Villains: From Helen Wood To Nasty Nick, The 'BB' Baddies We've Loved To Hate

Who Are The Best 'BB' Baddies Ever?
'BB' Baddies
'BB' Baddies
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Big Brother’ has seen more than its fair share of trouble-makers, and in the 16 years that members of the public and ‘celebrities’ have been calling the house a home, we've been left stunned on a number of occasions.

The show's funny moments and nauseating showmances - we’re looking at you Steven and Kimberly -have been fantastic to watch, but we have to admit that the house ‘baddies’, with their plots and schemes, make for far more entertaining viewing.

Well it's better than watching the housemates sunbathing, chatting about how much they miss their dogs or guzzling down fish guts as part of a task.

Last year’s series presented us with the return of controversial 2015 champ Helen Wood, but she isn’t the only ‘BB’ star to have rubbed viewers up the wrong way.

Have a click through our gallery, and see how many of these other ‘BB' Baddies you can remember from series gone by...

Victor Ebuwa ('BB5')

'Big Brother' Baddies Through The Years


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