Back To School Shopping Checklist

It’s that time of year again, when you need to start thinking about shopping for school supplies.

Shopping for school uniform during the summer holidays may be viewed by children as a form of cruel and unusual punishment.

Shop online for as much as you can to make the process as painless as possible, and if you have to go to prescribed uniform shops aim for first thing in the morning and before the last week of the holidays to beat the crowds.

We’ve put together this checklist of everything your child will need for the school year ahead.


If you haven’t been sent a uniform list by your child’s school, you can usually find it on the school’s website - but these rarely include quantities. (The first figure is based on twice weekly washing, the second is for those hoping to do just one wash a week, or for those whose child is prone to losing things!)

3 - 5 sweaters/cardigans/sweatshirts

3 - 5 polo shirts/shirts

3-4 trousers/shorts and/or skirts/pinafores

4 - 5 pairs of socks

1 pair of school shoes

1 tie (if needed)

1 school coat

1 ‘regulation’ blazer (if specified on the uniform list)

Check out our school uniform shopping guide for more advice on where to shop and what to buy.

PE kit

1 - 2 pairs of shorts

1-2 T-shirts

1-2 pairs of socks

1 swimming costume/trunks (if necessary)

1 pair of plimsolls


1 book bag (usually sold by the school)/rucksack

1 lunch box or bag

1 PE kit bag


Name labels and stickers. You’ll want to label everything from socks to calculators!

Pencil case with pencil, pen, coloured crayons, ruler, pencil sharpener and rubber (older children may also need a calculator)

Drinks bottle (if not included in lunch box)

Allergy-Free Lunches Safe For Back To School