20/11/2016 15:22 GMT | Updated 20/11/2016 18:06 GMT

Traditional Wedding Dresses Are Just Better -- Here's Why

South Africa's consciousness is moving towards more black love.

Hanyani M. Photography
Tshepi Magongwa shared this beautiful picture of her friend Rachel Mokgatle on Instagram.
From falling in love with our natural curls to expressing ourselves in our mother tongues, there is a movement of consciousness by black women, with deliberate attempts to preserve culture and traditions.

This year, we saw more women opt out of having a white wedding dress and choose the traditional dress -- or doing both because they can.

It's about damn time. While African traditional prints are gorgeous, they also hold significant differences for each culture. Choosing a traditional outfit could prove cheaper too. You could easily go from three wedding days (if you and your partner are from different cultural backgrounds) to one - or two if you really want it.

As culture evolves, fashion is evolving right along with it. From socialite Sarah Langa to your bride friend on Instagram, the traditional wedding dress looks all kinds of amazing.

We compiled a few of our favourites.