South Africa

PM sticks with Plan B in bid to "ride out" wave without lockdown.
England’s chief medical officer says records will continue to be broken as UK wrestles with "two epidemics".
The new Covid variant was only formally identified by the WHO on Saturday.
Forty-seven destinations including South Africa will be removed.
Dozens of penguins were found dead on a beach in South Africa, many with stings around their eyes.
The UK is not the only country trying to adapt to life alongside coronavirus.
Imperial College expert says "we should be terribly concerned" as 77 cases recorded.
The development comes after a case of the South Africa coronavirus variant was found.
Half of the "variants under investigation" and "variants of concern" were first identified in Britain. This could be why.
As of Monday there are 170 reported cases of the variant, but the real number is likely much higher.