24/11/2016 18:08 GMT | Updated 24/11/2016 18:11 GMT

Dr. Malinga Announced A New Album And Twitter Went Crazy

This is probably going to be the soundtrack of your summer.

Dr. Malinga // Twitter
Dr. Malinga fans can't wait for his new album

It has been two years since Dr. Malinga (full name Doctor Goodwill Malinga) released his last album, "First Injection". This morning on Ukhozi FM in Durban, the "Via Orlando" hit maker announced the release of his second album "Goodwill", which is now available on iTunes.

Uyalivuselela get my album today

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Malinga is known for releasing summer party anthems - and, of course, that signature flying-kick dance move.

With the December party season fast approaching, the announcement of the new album saw Twitter explode with excitement.

Fans have clearly already got their hands on the album, and are tweeting their favourites of the 26 tracks on the album.

If "Goodwill" is anything like Malinga's previous work, it is probably a good idea to start stretching before December gets started.