08/02/2017 11:14 GMT | Updated 09/02/2017 07:02 GMT

Read These 21 Laugh-Out-Loud Tweets For An Alternative Guide To Sona

#SONAPredictions will have you in stitches. Guaranteed!

Lerato Maduna/Gallo Images
EFF leader Julius Malema during a two-day debate of President Jacob Zuma’s 2016 State of the Nation Address delivered last week on February 16, 2016 at Parliament in Cape Town.

South Africa's Parliament has become a great source of entertainment over the last couple of years -- even if this was not done intentionally. Some of the highlights must include the famous signal blocker incident, the battle for recognition between Baleka Mbete and members of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), the Democratic Alliance's famous walkouts and of course, President Jacob Zuma's laughter.

This year, South Africans will await the State of the Nation Address (Sona) with bated breath. Last year, Congress of the People (COPE) left before the speech started, the EFF interrupted the president's speech with "Zupta must fall" chants and were ordered out of Parliament. It was then business as usual for Zuma.

In true South African spirit, #SONAPredictions is trending on Twitter and it's hilarious.

  • 1. All of South Africa waiting for 7pm tomorrow like.
    I'm just here for the drama... #SONAPredictions
  • 2. Because we all know JZ's mannerisms would get us drunk fast.
    Can we get the day after #SONA2017 as a public holiday as we will all be hung over Any other #SONADRINKINGGAMES ?…
  • 3. This is when all the drama starts.
    #SONAPredictions I wonder who will say Honourable Speaker first?
  • 4. Ssssshh Julius and friends. Asseblief.
    Madam speaker will be blocking eff points of order like this #SONAPredictions
  • 5. Uhm, stop making up lines to cross madam speaker tu.
    #SONAPredictions #SONA2017 Speaker: Hon Malema u have crossed the line ✋ Juju: line? i dont see it,show me the li…
  • 6. Imma let you finish but just one question.
    'Well done for finally paying back to money.' One more kweshin Why did you LIE about not taking it? #SONAPredictions
  • 7. 'Bring on your army, we have water bottles.'
    #SONAPredictions 'The pen is mightier than the sword.' 'Bottled water is mightier than a gun' 🙏
  • 9. That time the army is supposed to protect parly but JZ is too boring.
    #SANDF listening to Gedleyihlekisa speak after chasing out #EFF for raising point of order #SONAPredictions…
  • 10. We've heard it all before - *Mary J. Blige voice*.
    Lies,Lies,Lies,Lies,Lies and more Lies... 😴😴 #SONAPredictions
  • 11. "Why TF you lyin', why you always lyin? Mmmm oh ma gahd."
  • 13. We all know Julius Malema has everyones 'nudes'.
    #SONAPredictions Julius Malema will be releasing files like:
  • 14. Hehehehehehehehehehehe
    #SONAPredictions Another repeat of this:
  • 15. Baleka Mbete fearing the EFF like...
    A rare picture of madam speaker arriving at parly and sees EFF cars parked outside. #SONApredictions
  • 16. With all the troops on the premises it might be a good idea to stretch in advance.
    It's gone be a fight worth watching. The Deputy Speaker getting ready #SONAPredictions
  • 18. If the SABC feed is what you're watching, well then have some other channel on standby.
    What we will see as soon as Julius gets on a mic #SONAPredictions
  • 19. Lol ooooh so that's why the EFF leaves?
    #SONAPredictions The EFF will delay the SONA & have the president shook for first few minutes, then they all will…
  • 20. Same ol' same.
    "Compatriots, we are creating jobs and fighting corruption." #SONAPredictions