Jacob Zuma

The former president's son was only in court a few minutes before a postponement was ordered, but the circus outside dominated news of the case.
Former President Jacob Zuma has ended his decade year long relationship with Michael Hulley and replaced him with Gupta associate Daniel Mantsha. Who is this new attorney?
Zuma's new lawyer was reportedly instrumental in helping the Guptas set up a joint venture with Denel.
Suspended Sars commissioner Tom Moyane has clearly learnt from the best on how to shout from the top of your lungs that you want your day in court, but then doing everything in your power to prevent it.
Jacob Zuma's son was detained last week when returning home from Dubai to attend the funeral of his brother.
Vusi Zuma died on Sunday night.
Not just the answer to the ANC's election woes, but also a crime buster – Zuma is a hero, according to certain religious leaders.
Outa says Zuma cannot be part of the solution to crime when he was part of the cause.
The state will over the costs directly related to his corruption case, but other challenges Zuma plans to bring will not necessarily be covered.