There's A Man Who Paints With His Penis And We Got To Know Him More Intimately

He's not cocky at all.

He goes by the artist name Pricasso, an ode to the artist Picasso and a reference to his painting tool — his prick.

England-born Tim Patch now lives in Australia and has been painting portraits of people with his bum, balls and penis for about eight years. He graces Sexpos around the world and he's a firm favourite for South Africa's annual Sexpo held at the Sandton Convention Centre this year.

Patch does single portraits and double portraits too. He says he started painting with his penis soon after his second divorce.

"I was drawing in a market one day. I had just gotten a divorce and it just popped in my head to try this. I Googled it and realised no one else was doing it so I went for it," he told The Huffington Post South Africa.

Now he's been around the world showing off how he's perfected the art of painting portraits — mostly with a flacid penis but for more X-Rated sessions, he sometimes paints with an erection and says this is actually "much harder".

We went for a session with Pricasso at Sexpo and, with only a few minutes to spare, the artist whose private parts have brought him more glory than his builder days could have, sat down with us for a quick one on one.

1. How many countries have you visited doing what you do?

Wow. Quite a lot, every single continent on earth . . . except Antartica, it's too cold down there.

2. So what do you do when you're in cold conditions, I mean, you don't have any clothes on when you do this?

Yeah that's why I keep that heater over there (pointing towards a heater in front of his stall, under his palette) and my hair dryer. — Pricasso uses the hair dryer to dry his penis between sessions to avoid mixing of colours.

3. So while we're on the topic of your getup, how did you decide on this bright pink outfit?

Well I actually used to wear a silver outfit but I found that when I do couples, the men seem more comfortable with me if they think I'm gay.

4. So are you gay?

*Laughs*. well no, but sort of. I'm too old to care about all that.

5. Do you ever get naughty with your clients?

*Laughs*. Yeah sometimes, swingers and all that you know.

6. Ok so there's a thing you do where you put a small paintbrush in your urethra. I noticed how everyone in your videos cringes when you do that, does it hurt at all?

No. It hurt the first time I did it but I put so much vaseline on it now that it doesn't. I don't feel a thing. *Laughs*.

7. Which Sexpo is your favourite? Of all the cities you visit?

Oh Joburg definitely. I love Joburg. I get looked after so well here and the people here are so happy and carefree. It's not very full this year but I'm sure it will pick up. I love this place.

8. So I read that you have a portrait of our president somewhere, where is that?

Somewhere in my studio. I just thought it would be fun to do.

9. So you do quite a few celebrity parties, even though they hold you to secrecy: what's the most you've been paid for a celebrity party?

*Laughs*. I can tell you that I got flown to the US once to do a party there.

10. Do you make a lot of money from this?

I used to make more money as a builder but this is much more fun. And all the travelling is just great. I love it.

11. Do you have children? What do they think of what you do?

Yes I have three. Two of them are very comfortable with what I do but the youngest isn't. He's 22, I suppose he isn't so young is he?