Matthew Perry Reveals His Favorite 'Friends' One-Liner

It’s pretty good.

Matthew Perry played Chandler Bing on "Friends" for 10 seasons. That works out to more than 200 episodes that he played the overly-sarcastic character, who regularly spit out zingy one-liners.

With so much material to choose from, if you thought narrowing down a favorite would prove to be an impossible feat for the actor, well, guess again.

On Thursday, the 47-year-old actor appeared on "Good Morning America," where he was promoting his new mini-series, "The Kennedys After Camelot," and revealed his all-time favorite "Friends" one-liner to the show's hosts.

It turns out, Perry's fave comes from Season 2's "The One with Ross' New Girlfriend," during which Chandler is talking to Joey (Matt LeBlanc) about his longtime tailor.

"You should go see Frankie, my family's been going to him forever," Joey tells Chandler in the clip. "He did my first suit when I was 15... No, wait, 16. No, excuse me, 15. When was 1990?"

Chandler responds: "OK, you have to stop the Q-tip when there's resistance!"

There might be some other one-liners that Perry actually likes better, though, because in January 2016 the actor revealed that due to his struggle with drug addiction while he was on the sitcom, he doesn't remember filming about three seasons worth of the show.

"Oh, my goodness," he said, when asked about his least favorite "Friends" episode. "I think the answer is, I don't remember three years of it. So none of those ... somewhere between Season 3 and 6."