11/04/2017 12:32 BST | Updated 11/04/2017 14:14 BST

EFF Says It Is Zuma's Creation That Racists, Sexists And Homophobes Marched Alongside Progressives

The party said instead of the president claiming the protest marches were racist he should "hang his head in shame".

Mike Hutchings / Reuters

The Economic Freedom Fighters on Tuesday blasted President Jacob Zuma, saying his response to protests calling for him to step down was "hypocritical and disingenuous".

"That it had to take these marches, where sexists, homophobes, racists and xenophobes march alongside progressive people is his creation... That white racists still exist 23 years into democracy, brave enough to publicise their racism on social media platforms or picket lines of protests and marches, is itself a sign of the failure of this government, which Zuma leads, to deal with white superiority and the privilege that sustains it," the EFF said in a statement.

"It is his selfish, nepotistic and corrupt conduct that has led to the absolute neglect of transforming the socio-economic conditions that have sustained the image of black people as subhuman," the party continued.

"Instead of taking a false moral high ground, he should drop his head in shame that it has to come to this level all because people want him out of office."

Last Friday, civil society organisations and individuals held demonstrations against the president, calling for him to step down.

On Monday, speaking at the Chris Hani memorial, Zuma called the protests racist. "It is clear some of our white compatriots regard black people as lesser human beings or subhuman," Zuma said.

However, the party condemned Zuma for the comments because "it means anti-black racism matters to Zuma only when it calls for him to step down from the privilege of State office that he occupies and that allows him to loot our public purse".

The president has "never done anything to change the conditions that make anti-black racism flourish", the party went on to say.