20/04/2017 08:19 BST | Updated 20/04/2017 10:18 BST

Turns Out Zanele Ngumbela Is Well Aware Of Her Reporting Skills

She DID sign out. 😂

Twitter/ EWN

Zanele "Steal Your Job" Ngumbela knows she has natural reporting skills.

Ngumbela was on the scene of the Braampark fire on Tuesday and brought joy to many on Twitter when what was supposed to be an eyewitness account from her, turned into a full report. In the video posted by EWN reporter on Twitter, Ngumbela was cut off after she said people would be waiting for "full disclosure on what actually caused the fire". Many said it should have ended with a sign-out because of how perfectly executed her account was. But, it turns out she actually did sign out.

The full EWN video was posted by Anele Mdoda on Instagram, and Ngumbela signs out with "coming to you live, this is Zanele Ngumbela."

With all the colour, perfect descriptions and chronological ordering of what happened, we must still ask though, when is somebody hiring her?