09/06/2017 10:22 BST | Updated 20/07/2017 12:11 BST

Makhosi Khoza Cuts Loose About 'Smallanyana Skeletons'

The outspoken ANC MP says South Africa is "surrounded and cornered".

African National Congress (ANC) MP Makhosi Khoza says the Gupta email leaks are anything but "smallanyana skeletons", they are "the biggest volcanic eruption South Africa has ever seen".

She wrote on her Facebook page that the emails are like dead bodies being exhumed all the time and everywhere: "Our non-racial and prosperity-for-all South Africa has been hijacked by those who feel the country owes them for participating in the struggle. The people of South Africa are getting a raw deal. Instead of moving forward we are retrogressing."

Khoza has become known for speaking her mind and rose to prominence during the parliamentary inquiry into the SABC in which she participated. She has also been threatened for her outspoken views about the governing party's leadership, state capture and corruption.

She says she doubts that liberation movements – like the ANC – have a post-liberation shelf life of longer than 10 years. "My honest observation is that liberation movements are never meant (to live) beyond 10 years of democracy and constitutionalism, as they are best to put the foundation and systems in place. But post-10 years of rule there is an imaginary unity and democratic centralism. The wealth, power and social distance between those comrades in arms on the throne and followers of yesteryear's mission has moved so far apart as south from north."

Khoza slammed politicians who enjoy the trappings of wealth and use struggle songs for expedient purposes: "Comrade leaders no longer have to live on donated clothing and food parcels from sympathetic global citizens to the liberation course. Comrade leaders now deliver budget speeches, drive black, top of the range cars, wear designer shiny skinny suits and pointed shoes. They dine at the finest restaurants with the De Beers, Oppenheimers. Their children attend the best private schools money can buy. Off course they tell you 9/9 they never struggled to be poor."

Corruption runs deep in society and patronage politics "runs deeper than the roots of a 400-year old Baobab tree" she says, and adds that the country is "surrounded and cornered".

"I hope the ANC policy conference later this month will bring better results. The elective conference should decide whether we sink or swim though," she writes.