Cyril Ramaphosa has returned from an investment-seeking drive with $20 billion's worth of investment in his pocket.
New allegations have surfaced that the ANC received funding from VBS executives via a shelf company.
'Part of the reason for the crisis is the ANC’s failure to tackle the exclusion of millions from the mainstream economy,' says Professor Steven Friedman.
'Worldwide, it’s the anonymity of private funders that creates the most controversy.'
President Cyril Ramaphosa has downplayed "lies" that he wasn't welcomed in KwaZulu-Natal since he was elected president at the party's 54th elective conference in Nasrec.
'A threat to property rights cuts to the heart of a free society, the confidence in its economy and the scope of individuals to live as they choose.'
Malema took a hilarious swipe at Zizi Kodwa, who previously suggested the ANC should get more media coverage because it is the majority party.
Another day, another sweeping statement without any back-up evidence from the EFF leader...
Zwelithini said it was painful to be 'led by thieves and hypocrites who pretend to love their voters, but instead stab them in the back'.
EFF chair and A-List advocate-for-hire sends 'letter of demand' via social media to constitutional law expert.... A respected investigative journalist joins the dots.