12/06/2017 10:01 BST | Updated 12/06/2017 10:01 BST

Piers Morgan Tried To Troll Amber Rose For Posting A Nude So People Trolled Him Too

He tried to say men would be jailed for sharing such a picture. 😒


If you haven't seen the nude Amber Rose posted this weekend, where have you been?

The author and talk show host posted the racy picture on Instagram this past weekend. In it, she's sitting on a staircase with shades on, a black bikini top and a coat with no bottoms -- just her grown woman vulva with neatly trimmed, topiary-esque pubic hair.

Apparently, Piers Morgan took exception to what Rose posted because he took to Twitter to ask if this was what the suffragete movement's Emmeline Pankhurst fought for.

Morgan tried to argue that men who posted their naked bodies would suffer for it.

Jailed? How about drooled over? We've all seen men like Usher, Justin Bieber, Taye Diggs and Darren Cris in all their glory and really -- no one was offended. These men may not have posted their nudes for empowerment purposes but they certainly did not end up in jail. Honestly Piers, the drama.

Morgan then posted this picture of himself naked in a Burger King advert he did a few years ago.

Of course, Muva (Amber Rose's popular social media name), pointed out that Morgan got paid to strip down and yet he had the nerve to come after her for posting her body of her own accord.

People defended Muva and basically called for Morgan to try another trick.

Amber Rose's annual SlutWalk is meant to be all about empowering women through various means. One of these is ensuring that women's bodies and sexual freedom is no longer policed through challenging derogatory labels, sexual violence, victim blaming and gender inequality. If Morgan doesn't see this as feminism, we don't actually care. It's not about him.

Raise your freak flag high Amber, we're all about you!