18/06/2017 12:48 BST | Updated 18/06/2017 13:29 BST

Delivery Driver Gets Caught Taking Selfies With Dogs And It's Too Pure

“They don’t allow FedEx to come around."

There's a prevalent stereotype out there that mail carriers and dogs just don't get it along.

But don't tell that to UPS driver Doniel Kidd and his numerous canine pals.

Staci Speer Burns, a woman on Kidd's route in Athens, Louisiana, caught Kidd on camera goofing around on the ground and taking selfies with her three adorable dogs.

She shared the video on Facebook last week, calling the Kidd the "best UPS man on the planet," because he obviously is.

Burns told Buzzfeed Thursday that she recorded the selfie sesh because she wanted her husband to know how "spoilt" their dogs, Reba, Buster and Jade, are.

She said Kidd always takes some time to play with the dogs when he comes by, and the beloved driver has "lots of dog friends around the area."

Kidd's affinity for animals even seems to be building some brand loyalty among local pups.

"There are two dogs I've known since they were puppies: Willie and Millie," he told The Dodo. "They don't allow FedEx to come around. They don't allow anyone to deliver to the house but me."

Never change, Kidd.

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