My battle is not finished yet. I still have to fight to see my family again
"A group of 10-15 hooded persons tied it to the back of a truck and drove away, pulling it down."
Through a narrow doorway on a quiet Athenian street, a group of teenage girls are sat chatting in a colourful lobby. One
All I know is that every day I left that camp (as a non-resident I had that luxury), I felt joy in my heart. Forget tea and sympathy, I will forever treasure those moments of chai and honesty. No pretension, no expectation, just a simple exchange of common humanity.
If you look at the economic reports you'd be forgiven for thinking it was still all doom and gloom in Greece, but it's boom in one respect: cocktail bars. Partly fuelled by a steady increase in tourist numbers, Greece is following the world trend for creative cocktails and mad mixologists, especially in Athens.