Apple Announces 'Hijab Emoji' And Internet Islamophobes Can't Deal

In honor of Monday's World Emoji Day, Apple announced it will make a hijab emoji available to iPhone users later this year.

The emoji has long been in the works and is meant to be a way for iPhone users to fully express themselves without having to rely on 20th Century things like, ugh, words.


The hijab emoji is one of many new ones. Others include those for breastfeeding, a sandwich, and even a T-Rex, according to an Apple press release.

As might be expected, people took the opportunity to ask Apple CEO Tim Cook for other emojis after he announced the new ones on Twitter.

Other people were simply upset that Apple might actually make an emoji for Muslim women.

There isn't an emoji for fear-mongering so they had to resort to other ways to get their points across, according to RawStory.

Others were much more receptive and appreciated that emojis aren't just for one demographic.

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