hate speech

The video-sharing app has let hate speech flourish as a growing number of users, many of them young, flock to TikTok.
The belief that the ‘big tech’ of the internet is looking to silence Conservative voices is a fantasy borne from far right paranoia
Picture the scene: a webpage, online forum, or social media post containing a pile of hate speech content and also a heap of counter-speech content, none of which was created by an actual human being
If there is an attack and the perpetrator is a so-called Muslim, it gets five times more coverage than were the perpetrator a non-Muslim
Over half a billion fake accounts were removed down between Jan-Mar 2018.
How do we define websites, groups and individuals who stay the right side of our hate crime laws but whistle the tune which advances the rhetoric of violent extremism?
They warn of a 'techlash' of advertisers turning on tech giants.
Also this morning: John McDonnell denies 'swaggering' and Henry Bolton still has 'strong affections'.
The five things you need to know about politics today.