9 Iconic Adverts From The Small Screen We Can't Forget

Some were funny and some made you think.

South Africans are more and more critical about the past, often for the right reasons.

Reflections on life after 1994 in South Africa evoke a mixture of contempt and sadness, as well as praise for the many great things South Africans have achieved and created.

Creations worth celebrating include the quirky, side-splitting and uniquely South African adverts that reached millions of TV viewers over the years and entered into the national psyche. Many are hilarious, but not all of them were all fun and games -- some encouraged us to think deeply about the country and provoked fiery debates.

Here are just a few (there are so many!) of the hilarious or provocative adverts that few can forget:

1. Who stole my Savanna?

The series of Savanna adverts are indeed drier than the cider itself, and we just love it.

2. Take another look at Mzansi

It's not entirely clear if this advert was banned from SABC1 as many people claim, but it is one of the boldest -- if not the boldest -- advert we've ever had on SA television. Unsurprisingly, many weren't happy with it, but others think it was a timely, creative and thought-provoking piece of work.

3. Shout it from the rooftops! Simunye! We Are One!

This earlier channel promo from SABC1 is equally fascinating. Watch this and then go back and watch the "Take another look at Mzansi" video again. The shift in message is incredible.

4. Vodacom's 'Yebo Gogo'

Bankole Ajibabi Omotosho is known by many South Africans as the "Yebo Gogo'"man in a series of iconic Vodacom adverts. However, in Nigeria -- his country of birth -- he is known as an intellectual and writer of fiction books across genres. He left Nigeria in 1988 when his historical novel about the country, "Just Before Dawn", caused controversy and caused him to leave the country.

5. That dehydrating Ingram's advert

Camphor Cream remains a national treasury to be sure.

6. Cremora's 'It's not inside it's onnnnnnn... top!'

The Cremora advert is possibly one of the most iconic to ever hit the small screen. What many people may not know, however, is that this isn't the original. The first Cremora advert from the 1980s is almost identical in its script, but features a more reflective cast. Take a look:

7. Oh-oh-oh-oh-Oros!

In this spin on the original "We're all living in an Oros world" theme song, South Africans were introduced to a range of new Oros flavours. They may have had their minute of fame on TV, but most of us will probably agree there is only one Oros.

8. Windie, windie, windie!

The days of Desmond Dube bringing the best laughs.

9. "I am McIntyre from Glasgow. What kind of 'mac' are you?"

He's a 'Mac' from Maritzburrruuhh.

What are your favourites?