16/08/2017 16:12 BST | Updated 17/08/2017 07:47 BST

Sorry Folks, But Researchers Say There Is No Such Thing As 'Fat But Fit'


Juan Carlos Ulate / Reuters

New British research shows that if you're overweight but swear you're in excellent shape, you probably aren't.

This is contrary to previous studies showing that some obese or overweight people are "metabolically healthy" if their metabolic markers such as blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol are within normal range.

In this new study, led by experts at Imperial College London and the University of Cambridge, researchers found that overweight and obese people who were deemed "healthy" by their metabolic markers carried at least a 26 to 28 percent chance of coronary heart disease.

Lead author Dr Camille Lassale said: "Overall, our findings challenge the concept of the 'healthy obese'."

"If a patient is overweight or obese, all efforts should be made to help them get back to a healthy weight, regardless of other factors," said Lassale.