Holiday Memories, With Love From Crete

Julia Smith
Julia Smith
Julia Smith

British Airways Holidays sent lifestyle blogger Julia Smith of Humphrey & Grace (and her daughter) back to Crete, the location of an unforgettable holiday moment from her past. In this stunning photo series, Julia captures the magic of this beautiful island; Domes of Elounda, the stunning hotel where they stayed; and her revisit to the spot where she shot this sweet and nostalgic photo of her little girl.

“The Greek Islands are a favourite of mine, particularly Crete. With its almost unbroken blue skies and temperature that is just right without being too hot, it’s a welcome break from the unreliability of our weather at home. The people are friendly, the scenery beautiful. The pace of life so very different to our everyday.”

“We relaxed at our beautiful hotel, we enjoyed the beach with its calm waters, we swam in the pool and when we grew tired we simply sat and watched the world go by. Slowly. We ate like kings, spoiled for choice by the restaurants.”

“I first travelled there last year, with my youngest daughter, on a work-related trip. The short visit we had then left an impression though and returning with her again this time is a memory I will keep forever. We explored, we returned to the village we visited last year and delighted in familiar finds mixed with new. We found the same blue door in front of which she sat last April, hot and tired, a moment I captured in the photograph that has remained my favourite capture of her ever since.”

“We came home happy with a plan to perhaps return again soon…”

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