Sean Spicer Regrets His First Move As White House Press Secretary

He previously said he had “no regrets” about his time working for Trump.

Former White House press secretary Sean Spicer said he regrets his first move in his old job working under President Donald Trump.

Speaking to The New York Times less than a day after his much-criticized Emmys appearance, Spicer said he regrets that he yelled at reporters about the size of the crowd at Trump’s inauguration during his first official appearance in the White House briefing room.

Of course I do, absolutely,” Spicer said.

Spicer poked fun at that moment Sunday night at the Emmys, wheeling a lectern onto the stage much like the one used by actress Melissa McCarthy when she spoofed Spicer on NBC’s “Saturday Night Live.”

“This will be the largest audience to witness an Emmys, period,” Spicer said Sunday, mocking his Jan. 21 press conference.

In July, Spicer announced his departure from the White House amid the hiring of White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci, who served under Trump for less than two weeks in the summer before he resigned. Spicer told Fox News host Sean Hannity he had “no regrets” about his work at the White House.

“I can’t thank the president enough for this unbelievable honor, and I’m going ― I will always be grateful for that,” Spicer said.

Spicer has been working to rehabilitate his image, recently addressing his downfalls as press secretary during an interview with ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel. He signed with Worldwide Speakers Group earlier this month and gave his first paid speech on Sept. 11.