22/09/2017 11:10 BST | Updated 22/09/2017 11:10 BST

Tumi Morake Is 'Emotionally And Physically' Drained

The radio presenter and comedian is taking a break after the race furore.

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'The race-furore around Tumi Morake has left the radio presenter and comedian emotionally and physically drained and in need of rest.

According to her publicist, Monica Steyn, she has received "unending support" but she needs a break.

"This experience has been very taxing on her emotionally and physically, as well as her heavy schedule with commitments to Jacaranda FM and (her television show on SABC3) #WTFTUMI. She is taking the long weekend to spend time with her family and rest and will be back in studio on Tuesday morning," Steyn said to HuffPost SA.

Morake broke her silence on the controversy around her comments about apartheid last week on Thursday and said on Facebook she remains "unapologetic". This followed her statement on the breakfast show that it is tough on the victims of apartheid to expect them to live in harmony with their former oppressors. It led to a war of words with Afrikaner-rights group AfriForum and their sister organisation, Solidarity.

Jacaranda FM has since come out in support of Morake, saying she "had not intended to insult any racial demographic and intended only to express her view of the apartheid period".

"It's important to engage each other across our differences. And also, stop giving voice to the extreme right and left who hijack these kinds of conversations to forward their own agenda," Morake said.

"I have remained quiet for the past few days and watched things spiral out of control. Hate begets hate, let's not perpetuate it."

Solidarity on Thursday also said it and Morake have "agreed to disagree" after a meeting in which both sides aired their views.

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