19/10/2017 11:59 BST | Updated 19/10/2017 16:17 BST

Jennifer Ferguson Says She Has No Vendetta Against Her Alleged Rapist

"Abuses are happening in the highest offices all over."

Jennifer Ferguson

Singer and former MP Jennifer Ferguson said she did not reveal details about her alleged rapist, a prominent sports executive, for revenge but rather to start a dialogue around men abusing their power.

"It is not just a kind of vendetta getting back at [him] that is not my interest...I'm hoping it will open a conversation...," Ferguson told Stephen Grootes on Talk Radio 702 on Thursday morning. Ferguson who recently wrote a blog about the incident.

"Abuses are happening in the highest offices all over the place in schools, in churches in government in sports bodies," she added.

She alleged the incident happened in 1993 when she was invited to sing at a dinner at a hotel in Port Elizabeth.

In a personal blog post, Ferguson recounts the events leading up to the incident. She claims the alleged perpetrator accompanied her to her suite. He entered her room and allegedly grabbed her from behind.

Several attempts for comment from South African Football Association spokesman Dominic Chimhavi were unsuccessful. The alleged perpetrator did not respond to questions by the time of publication.

"...My decision [is] to speak truth and in order to heal and in order to go through processes of forgiveness..."

Ferguson said speaking out was part of her healing process and believes this is an issue affecting people around the world.

"...My decision [is] to speak truth and in order to heal and in order to go through processes of forgiveness.."

She said the most comforting words have come from people who have openly supported her.

"The most important three words that I have received that have really touched me are 'I believe you'."

The singer also wants to also help women who have been in similar incidents to come forward.