5 Reasons Why Your Hairline Might Be Receding

It's not only in the age or genes.

A receding hairline can be one of the most discouraging things for a woman to experience. While age and genetics play a role in this, there are lifestyle factors that can accelerate the problem too:

1. Very tight hairstyles

This is the number-one culprit for hairline loss. Tight hairstyles that pull on the scalp for long periods cause pressure on the follicles and can cause your hairline to recede.

2. Chemicals

Chemicals in hair products like relaxers can cause normal hair breakage –– if the substances are used incorrectly or constantly, without giving your hair a break, they can cause damage to the skin and roots, creating the risk of permanent hair loss.

3. Crash diets

Links between certain diets and hair loss have also been established. Crash dieting can rob your body of nutrients necessary for hair growth. Thinning of hair all over the scalp may be observed, not just on the hairline.

4. Stress

Studies show that high stress levels can cause women to experience hair loss. Stress can disturb the normal functioning of your hormones, eventually affecting the entire scalp, not just your hairline.

5. Medication

Thinning of hair can be an unwanted side-effect of taking medication. Anti-depressants, contraceptives, mood stabilisers and antibiotics are all examples of medications that can cause hair loss.