04/11/2017 10:26 GMT | Updated 04/11/2017 10:26 GMT

Weed Smokers Are Having Way More Sex Than The Rest Of Us

Though this doesn't mean smoking weed will get you more sex...

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People who smoke weed every day are having more sex than non-smokers -- about 20 percent more.

That's according to a recent study published by Stanford University researchers in the "Journal of Sexual Medicine" -- in which 50,000 American men and women aged between 25 and 45 across all demographic groups were analysed.

"Frequent marijuana use doesn't seem to impair sexual motivation or performance. If anything, it's associated with increased coital frequency," said the study's senior author, Michael Eisenberg in a statement.

"Over the course of the year, they're having sex maybe 20 [percent] more," said Eisenberg.

The researchers reported how often the respondents smoke -- monthly, weekly or daily, and how many times they've had sex the previous month.

So over the course of the year, they're having sex maybe 20 more times.

Women weed smokers had sex 7.1 times per month, compared to six times by nonsmokers.

For weed smokers who are men, it was 6.9 times compared to 5.6 times per month for nonsmokers.

When other confounding factors such as alcohol use, religion, age and having children were considered, the association between more marijuana and more sex still held.

However, Eisenberg cautioned the study should not be misinterpreted as having proven a causal link. "It doesn't say if you smoke more marijuana, you'll have more sex," he said.