Jennifer Ferguson: My Family Has Become Stronger

"It has been deeply traumatic for my sons."
Jennifer Ferguson.
Jennifer Ferguson.

Singer and former ANC MP Jennifer Ferguson says her family has become stronger since she publicly accused South African Football Association (Safa) boss Danny Jordaan of raping her in the 1990s, but notes that it has been "deeply traumatic" for her sons. She has one daughter and two sons and has been married to Anders Nyberg for over 20 years.

"It has been deeply traumatic for my sons. My first-born, Ralph, in a way has been propelled into such an enormous activism, he is an amazing boy. He is a golden voice in all of this because he is so clear and he is helping me coordinate all the media stuff," Ferguson said on Monday in a Skype interview with HuffPost SA.

"For my husband and I it has been tough, but very healing. We have had to realise in our relationship and marriage... how the unhealed parts of ourselves play themselves out in our intimate relations.

"Gratitude has just deepened our relationship, it has made us bigger human beings," she said.

Ferguson first made the allegations in a blog entry she posted in October, explaining what happened on the night leading to Jordaan allegedly forcing himself on to her.

"I am into addressing the corruption the distorted behavior, the sick leadership poisoning our whole countries struggle, everything we have fought for."

Jordaan has denied the allegation.

Ferguson believes there is still a lot that needs to be done to fight rape culture in the country.

"We are dealing with a group of men and women who are protected, especially the men. That have betrayed everything our struggle has fought for. Danny Jordaan is but one piece of this whole sick puzzle," she said.

The reason I came to a point to actually disclose his name is not a personal vendetta... but I am into addressing the corruption, the distorted behavior, the sick leadership poisoning our whole country's struggle, everything we have fought for," she said.

When asked whether she thought the ANC would have believed and helped her at the time, she said she was in no state to go and fight any battles.

"I was not on any horse to fight a battle... it is a lorell of the most private part of yourself. To even language it from a sense of justice is difficult," she said.