09/11/2017 17:00 GMT | Updated 09/11/2017 17:13 GMT

Watch 'Drag Race' Star Milk Channel Madonna In Iconic Ad For Pop Star's New Skincare Line

The dairy queen becomes the queen of pop in a surprising new campaign.

Who’s that girl? It’s Madonna... or is it?

In a new video promoting her MDNA skincare line, the icon appears to be revisiting three of the most legendary looks from her storied career ― the “Hung Up” music video, the “Living for Love” music video, and the cone bra from the Blonde Ambition Tour.

“Over the years I’ve had the opportunity to embody many personas ― to express myself but remain myself,” Madonna purrs in a voice-over before daring viewers to “take a deeper look” and ultimately declaring that she wants to start a “revolution of being who you are.” 

The irony? The star of the video is actually “RuPaul’s Drag Race” fave Milk, who pulls off a stunningly convincing impersonation of the queen of pop.

“From having my makeup done by Aaron Henrikson, to my hair, to secretly getting to try on the original Jean Paul Gaultier cone bra, shooting the MDNA SKIN campaign video was surreal,” Milk said in a press release sent to HuffPost. “To be a part of this, for someone who has always epitomized the ideals of being different and unique, was a dream come true.”

To learn more about the MDNA skincare line, head here. For more from Milk, who will be starring on the upcoming “RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 3,” head here.