09/11/2017 14:43 GMT | Updated 09/11/2017 14:43 GMT

Robbie Malinga: 'Peeps Were Saying I'm The Face Of Bio-Slim'

The hitmaker has opened up about recovering from anaemia.


Musician Robbie Malinga has opened up about his battle with anaemia -- one that almost cost him his life.

"I have anaemia; my body couldn't pump blood anymore, it had to do with the liver," Malinga recently told Sowetan Live.

The award-winning producer and songwriter discovered that he had the condition late last year, leading to a month-long hospitalisation.

'It was scary, but I'm a strong person. I am a believer.'

"I was scared for my kids, man. My kids are so spoilt –– I make sure that I do everything for them. My wife as well; she's still young to have her husband die. It was scary, but I'm a strong person. I am a believer," he told the publication.

As a result of the condition, he lost a lot of weight –– something some people mocked him for. "It became a joke. People are mean out there. I had lost weight, and on social networks they were saying I'm the face of Bio-Slim –– it was the funniest thing; I even laughed," he admitted.

Today, however, Malinga is feeling much better. "I'm awake now,. I'm good. I'm ready to rock and roll. I've got gigs until 19 January."

Although he announced his retirement from music last year, the 47-year-old recently released a new album, which was "partly an act of defiance to the illness" he said -- much to the delight of his fans: