09/11/2017 09:44 GMT | Updated 09/11/2017 09:44 GMT

The Weather Is Rather Strange These Days

One day it is very hot, the next day extremely cold. What could be happening?

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Johannesburg's bipolar weather has everyone confused about what to wear! One day it's a long flowing summer dress and the next, you might be forced to dig deep inside your wardrobe to find some warm clothes.

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HuffPost spoke to University of Pretoria Professor of Meteorology Willem Landman, who said the weather would be more consistent after November.

"We are in a variable time of the year. In spring you get hot days, then cold days... when we get beyond November, the circulation is more dominated by warm air," he said.

He also said that although the weather could be affected by global warming in the future, it was unlikely that this was the case at present.

"It is very unlikely that this weather has anything to do with global change," Landman explained.

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He said that when global warming does eventually start affecting weather patterns, it would lead to the "frequency of extreme, very violent weather".

According to the United Nations (U.N.) World Meteorological Organisation, the WMO, 2017 is set to become one of the hottest years on record, after 2015 and 2016, mainly because of the El Niño phenomenon. This was announced yesterday during the opening of the latest U.N. climate-change conference.

However, Puseletso Mofokeng from the South African Weather Service told HuffPost that although South Africa is included in the WMO announcement, that does not mean that there cannot be other stronger systems to bring about occasional cold conditions, particularly in South Africa.

He added that according to their seasonal forecast, there is a possibility of decent amounts of rain in November, December and January.

"There is a possible amount of rain that will be above normal, but that will not change the fact that some other days are going to be hot," he said.

The South African Weather Service has also warned people to brace themselves for possible showers across Gauteng.

"For the next seven days, starting from today [Wednesday] to at least next week Wednesday," the service said, "there is a chance of rainfall across Gauteng, [from] 30% to 60%."