16/11/2017 08:02 GMT | Updated 16/11/2017 08:12 GMT

Langa Mavuso's Game-Changing New Video

Soulful lyrics, and spectacular visuals come together in this fresh new release.


Genre-breaking performer Langa Mavuso's video for his latest single, "Home", has just been released, and HuffPost SA got the first look at his visually spectacular new work.

Speaking from Johannesburg on Wednesday morning, Mavuso explained that the single is an audiovisual exploration of loss in love, and a "return to self".

"The sound is about a loss in love from an infidelity, and came about after being cheated on myself," he says. "But then it became about me being like, 'No! Stop!' and then, 'Come back to me!' But now it's more like me coming back to myself –– coming home to myself, you know?"

The video stars performance artist Manthe Ribane, whose fame has been escalating around the globe.

"Manthe personifies the loss of love in the video, and then we move into a ballroom space and she dances, and we forget about the sadness and the pain for a while. And then I'm in a bath, at that point of letting go and cleansing myself of the pain and sadness," Mavuso says.

The artist has just been signed to Black Coffee's Solistic Music label, and will be releasing singles with the label in the run-up to his album.

Check out the game-changing video below: