07/12/2017 15:33 GMT | Updated 07/12/2017 15:33 GMT

'Uyang'thanda Na?' Coming Back –– Presented By Moshe Ndiki!

Kusazoba mnandi.

Moshe Ndiki has joined Mzansi Magic as both presenter and actor.

Come January 10, two good things will happen to the South African TV scene -- reality dating show "Uyang'thanda na?" will return for the second season, and social media star Moshe Ndiki will be the presenter.

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Ndiki, whose facial expressions have been a gift that keeps on giving to the world of meme lovers, was announced on Thursday afternoon as the new host of the show.

The reality show is the brainchild of Parental Advisory Productions and aims to help singletons connect with their crush. In every episode, the pursuer and their target are taken on a date, at which they get to ask the question: "Do you love me?"

People think Ndiki will be a perfect match for the show.

He also announced on Thursday that he had joined Mzansi Magic's drama series "The Queen".

"Uyang'thanda na?" will air on Mzansi Magic, DStv channel 161 –– starting on Wednesday, January 10, 2018.