Winona Ryder Deserves A Golden Globe For This L'Oreal Commerical

Winona forever.

Winona Ryder dominated the 2018 Golden Globes broadcast with a performance in a L’Oreal hair products commercial that deserves a standing ovation.

Multiple commercial breaks in Sunday’s awards show featured a L’Oreal Paris commercial with the “Stranger Things” star, highlighting her hair and her acting comeback. Ryder was hawking Elvive hair-care products, which are geared toward damaged strands.

“Everyone loves a comeback,” says a printed line in the commercial. “Damaged hair deserves one too.”

The advertisement opens with the same sort of look used in melodramatic fragrance commercials one might have seen Charlize Theron or Natalie Portman star in.

But a key difference with Ryder in this commercial is that her face is partially obstructed until the last 20 seconds of the 60-second spot. Ryder is then seen emerging onto a stage, that looks similar to the one at Sunday’s Golden Globes.