11/01/2018 09:43 GMT | Updated 11/01/2018 09:43 GMT

South Africans: Top 20 In World; Tops In Africa... For Porn!

Spending an average of 11 minutes, 2 seconds on PornHub.

Ethan Miller via Getty Images

South Africa is among the top 20 countries that watch the most pornography in the world, according to adult site Pornhub's recently released yearly insights for 2017.

The porn video-sharing website says these 20 countries account for 80 percent of the site's daily traffic.

South Africans, ranked 19th on the list by number of visitors per country, were found to spend on average 11 minutes, 2 seconds on the website -- and most were doing so from a smartphone.

This was 29 seconds longer than our U.S. counterparts (and a full three-and-a-third minutes longer than the hair-trigger Russians), but SA finished second to the long-winded Phillippines, whose average was 13 minutes, 28 seconds per visit, and the record for the year.

Kim Kardashian claimed the top spot as the most searched-for name on the site from SA, while "black South African" tops the list of the country's most popular search terms.

Here are more interesting findings from the report:

1. "Porn for women" is the search that defined 2017.

2. Lesbian was the most searched-for term in 2017.

3. People like watching porn from around 10pm to 1am, with traffic peaking on Sundays.

4. More men than women visit the site.

5. The three most popular gay categories continue to be black, straight guys and daddy.

6. The average age of visitors is 35.

7. The most searched-for female porn star was Riley Reid.

8. The most searched-for male porn star was Jordi "El Niño Polla".

9. Playstation users are more likely to visit Pornhub than those on other consoles.