31/01/2018 13:14 GMT | Updated 31/01/2018 14:07 GMT

Hilarious (Painful) Videos Prove iVosho Is Not For Everyone


seb_ra via Getty Images

We're kind of convinced that if the gwara gwara and the alingo had a baby, it'd be called vosho.

Thanks to Gqom music and the likes of musicians Busiswah and Babes Wodumo, doing vosho seems super-easy – which it actually isn't.

Although many South Africans have mastered the skill of the dance, also embraced by controversial dancer Zodwa Wabantu, a lot more either need to learn it still, or completely refrain from any attempts altogether.

If you're unsure or simply unaware of the dangers that come with the vosho, read on.

These videos are evidence of just how not to break yourself trying.

If you need some inspiration, it is possible: