01/02/2018 06:55 GMT | Updated 01/02/2018 06:57 GMT

Kenya Has Two Presidents, As Odinga Swears Himself In 🇰🇪

Kenya's main opposition leader Raila Odinga sworn himself in as "the people's president' on Tuesday.

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Kenya's main opposition leader Raila Odinga sworn himself in as "the people's president' on Tuesday. But what makes this bizarre is that Kenya already has a president in Uhuru Kenyata, however, this did not stop Odinga from inaugurating himself.

He even changed his profile as 'the people's president', however, the mock inauguration was not officially recognised and might even be considered treasonous.

Kenya's opposition said on Monday that it would "swear in" Odinga as alternative president despite the attorney general's warning that such a protest act challenging the official president will amount to treason.

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Odinga, 72, a veteran opposition leader who claimed he has had three elections stolen from him, has refused to accept President Uhuru Kenyatta's re-election, which came after a deeply divisive 2017 polls season in which rights activists say at least 92 people were killed.

First was an election on August 8, won by Kenyatta, which was annulled in a historic decision by the Supreme Court, which ordered a re-run on October 26.

Claiming the poll would not be fair, Odinga boycotted the second vote and Kenyatta won with 98%. Odinga postponed a previous effort to swear himself in last month.

Television and radio stations in most of parts of Kenya were reportedly switched off over their plan to cover opposition leader Raila Odinga's "swearing-in" ceremony.

"The Communications Authority of Kenya has switched off Citizen Television and Radio in most parts of the country over the coverage of the NASA 'swearing-in' plan," Kenya's Citizen said on its website on Tuesday.

The planned "inauguration" raised fears of violence as police had vowed not to allow the event to go ahead. However, officers kept their distance as hundreds gathered at the Uhuru park venue.