19/02/2018 10:32 GMT | Updated 19/02/2018 10:32 GMT

Angry Right2Know Campaigners Disrupt FPB Event

The silent protest was lead by campaigners who believe the banning of "Inxeba (The Wound)" was unfair.

The Film and Publications Board's (FPB) classification guidelines review was interrupted by a silent protest by Right2Know (R2K) campaigners on Monday morning, objecting to the effective banning of the film "Inxeba (The Wound)".

The FPB recently reclassified the film X18, meaning it can only be screened on "licensed adult premises".

The group of about six members stood in front of the stage once proceedings had started, holding placards proclaiming: "Unban Inxeba" and "Allow our stories to be heard".

Queenin Masuabi
Queenin Masuabi

The protesters believe that it is unfair that the movie has been given an X18 rating, while movies such as "50 Shades Of Grey" and its sequels can still be viewed in cinemas

Queenin Masuabi

After his speech, FPB acting CEO Sandile met with the group to reach a resolution.

"Inxeba (The Wound)" was reclassified from a 16 rating to an X18 rating following an outcry from traditional leaders, who accused the movie of misinterpreting Xhosa culture.

More to follow as it develops.