Gal Gadot Beautifully Thanks Wonder Woman On Superhero's Birthday

Gal Gadot wasn’t about to ignore this celebration.

Gal Gadot wasn't about to ignore this celebration.

To mark Wonder Woman's birthday on Thursday (as noted on the DC Universe Calendar), Gadot expressed her gratitude to the superhero she played in a blockbuster movie.

Addressing her as "my amazing amazon" on Instagram, Gadot wrote, "Thank you for changing my life, and for inspiring people worldwide to find their own superpower."

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Gadot doesn't require a Lasso of Truth to admit that she owes a lot to Diana Prince. "Wonder Woman" has grossed more than $821 million worldwide. With director Patty Jenkins at the helm and Gadot in the lead, the film became a symbol of female empowerment at the box office and elsewhere.

"Wonder Woman 2" is already a go with Gadot and Jenkins reuniting, and at least one major casting choice has been made.

Perhaps the sequel will land an Oscar nomination ― unlike the original this past January. Then Gadot would have even more to thank Wonder Woman for.

"We want to stay humble and grateful," Gadot said after the film was snubbed by the Academy, "and we're going to have another movie, so who knows? Maybe the next one!"

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