27/03/2018 13:47 BST

The Top Home Decor Trends For 2018

Anyone else desperately want a pink velvet sofa?

Whether you are renting or own your home, it is always nice to update your living space with new touches and try to put your own stamp on it (as much as is possible when you’ve got a deposit at stake). 

But if you’re feeling a bit lost for inspiration, these are three interior trends that are going to be big in the UK for 2018, according to Pinterest’s latest report.

Whether you opt for some maximalist accessories or a splash of paint, one thing is for sure, this year is all about bringing colour into the home. 


Move over minimalism, it is finally time for the return of all things kitsch, characterised by bright splatters of colour and clashing prints. You can still get away with a white canvas, but make no mistake 2018 is going to be about unapologetically over the top interiors with Pinterest seeing a 121% surge in people pinning maximalism. 


As Pantone’s colour of the year, ultra violet was always going to be having a moment in 2018. And with the upcoming royal wedding, it seems that regal purple has been cemented in the forefront of people’s minds. As Pinterest has seen a huge 2675% surge in purple pins ranging in everything from lavender to mauve. 

Wes Anderson Pink

Wes Anderson’s ‘Grand Budapest Hotel’ might now be part of cinematic history but people still aren’t done being inspired by the film’s amazing decor. The highly stylised sets - that Anderson has become notorious for producing - are admired for their use of pastel colours. As a result candy pink interiors are up 186% on Pinterest this year.