We love bringing leafy friends into our homes - and your houseplants are returning the favour. Studies have shown that living with plants can have a host of health benefits, from increasing productivity to fighting headaches and fatigue, and even improving the air quality in our homes.
Anyone else desperately want a pink velvet sofa?
As we pin on, we find many new and interesting ideas...
So when did you last take a photograph? And when did you last print one? I'm willing to bet you probably took at least one photo today on your phone. But I'll bet you haven't printed any photos in a very long time unless you've just had school portraits done or got married!
As a south London documentary and lifestyle fine art family photographer it will be no surprise that I have a love of photographs and documenting family life. One way or another I've been documenting the lives of my children since the moment they breathed their first.
You don't need to be a painter to add unique decoration to your place. You can be crafty in many different ways. Just think outside of the box! For example, you can take a piece of wallpaper that you particularly love and frame it to create an original display for your office, dining room or any other division.
I always have a lot of people asking me how I choose a look and develop the concept for a project, which can be as complicated as using a keyword derived from primary and secondary research or as simple as a 'style' of living.
I don't know about you but I'm looking forward to getting cosy on the sofa with candles burning and Christmas movies playing all day... But before that there is lots of work to do. It's not that easy to make your own Christmas.