'Blatant lawlessness' – Dashcam Captures Reckless Motorists In Pretoria

"No wonder we have so many road fatalities..."
Getty Images

If you're stuck in heavy traffic, do not take shortcuts by driving towards oncoming traffic – a dashcam captures motorists recklessly endangering fellow road users along the N1 in Gauteng.

In the video, captured via dashcam on March 29, you can spot many road users attempt to bypass heavy congestion on the N1 (Polokwane to Pretoria) by driving dangerously towards oncoming traffic.

According to Arrive Alive: "This clip is the answer to why we have so many road fatalities. It clearly depicts the blatant lawlessness exhibited by some drivers on our roads.

"There can be no question whether these drivers are aware that they may not overtake across a clearly marked barrier line. What they are doing is lawless, reckless and extremely selfish. They are doing what they want to do and endangering law-abiding road users who exercise the necessary patience in heavily congested traffic on busy roads!"

Arrive Alive adds: "Perhaps important to note regarding the overtaking video, is that many members of the public are asking 'where is the law enforcement?' – we would be strongly supportive of very strict enforcement on that stretch of road and harsh punishment of the offenders.

"Visible and effective enforcement of moving violations while on patrol, might reduce these incidents – cameras might also be able to verify vehicle ownership and bring these culprits to book."