Skolopad Said She Looks And Sounds Like Beyoncé – But The Internet Has Questions

"You don't say..."

When someone told wannabe entertainer Skolopad that she looked like Beyoncé, she believed them – and thought the world should also know about it.

A nurse by profession, the Free State-born would-be singer took to Twitter on Monday to share a photo of herself with a sleek light-brown hairdo similar to that of Queen Bey's.

Not known for letting things go, the internet not only had questions for her, but also had a lot to say.

Some wanted nothing to do with the conversation.

But others believed her.

True to form, people pointed out mistakes in the post. While some "fixed" the photo by putting some clothes on her, others just wanted her to tag the correct Beyoncé account.

But she couldn't care. Ok'salayo, she believes them.

Skolopad went on to post a video of herself singing to prove that she "indeed" sounds like Queen Bey.

NOTE: The video was not embedded in this story, as it may be disturbing to sensitive readers.