17/05/2018 12:35 BST

Instagram Addicts Will Soon Be Able To Monitor App-Time Too

Instagram, like many Silicon Valley giants, is trying to promote healthier interactions with our phones.

Worried you’re addicted to Instagram? Well soon you’ll be able to see just how much you’ve been scrolling thanks to a new feature the company has revealed it’s working on.

It’s called Unique Insights and was first spotted hidden within the actual code for the Android version of the app. Since it was first reported on by Tech Crunch, Instagram’s CEO has actually confirmed in a series of tweets that the company is working on the feature.

It’s not entirely clear how much information will be available to users but we do know that it will at the very least include a ‘Time Spent’ metric that’ll show you how long you’ve been using the app for during each time you open it.

Instagram’s latest move to help its users control wellbeing through technology is just the latest in a series of moves by Silicon Valley giants to promote healthy interactions with our phones.

Just last week Google revealed that its new version of Android would contain a whole host of new wellbeing features designed to help you use your phone less and even get a better nights sleep by not using your phone before bed.

Elsewhere third-party apps like Hold are also trying to cure our addiction to our smartphones by actually rewarding us with free stuff. Designed for students, the app will reward users with free food at the cinema, money off drinks and even free coffee.

For the ultimate in digital detox though nothing comes close to the Light Phone 2, a small smartphone replacement that has been designed around removing all the features that make a phone addictive while still making it useful.